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November 14, 2010
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Stupor of Stipulations by G00dieGumdrops Stupor of Stipulations by G00dieGumdrops
I think this is prob the best space work ive done.

If you have any advice i would greatly appreciate it.

Took about 10 hours, all at the hospital so this one is dedicated to my brother, i think its good enough.

please let me know what you think

download for best view, but still not same as how it looks on my comp
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The nebula looks really nice. Kinda reminds me of `hameeds nebulas. You should work some on that starfield though, it seems a bit flat and dim.
Thank you very much :D, any advice on how to enhance the stars, it may also be that the laptop i use has very high resolution and they seem bright on that screen but others i notice it seems pretty dim
Check this collection of tutorials out: [link] download the file and there's several tutorials on star scapes in there.

Myself, I do it a bit different from how most tutorials and people do it. I make a canvas 1000x1000 pixels. Fill it with black and paint 3 or 4 white stars of varying sizes (like 20-100pxl diameter or something) on it. Check Ladyrapids tutorial on one way to paint individual stars, not how I do it - but a great way nonetheless. Flatten the canvas. Invert the image (adjustments->invert or something) so that the background becomes white and the stars black. Turn it into a brush (edit->set brush preset ... or something). This way you've created your own star brush! :)

When using it change the setting to the brush (spacing, angle, scattering, colour variations etc) and start painting very small stars, than gradually turn the size of the brush up. All very easy. It's how I made the star scape on [link] for instance, and most of my newer pieces :)
Oh wow thankyou haha and i have to admit im guilty of slacking on the stars
However I do agree that it would enhance this piece to change the stars ill give it go ;)
Regulus36 Nov 22, 2010  Professional General Artist
I really like the colors, great job! I could maybe do without the small dark 'whispy' parts in front of the bright parts (does that make sense? :D) or maybe just fewer of them? anyway it's still a :thumbsup: from me
Hm interesting :P, i got the inspiration from another piece here on da that i really liked but havent been able to find in a while
But thanks for the comment :D
GenesisArclite Nov 15, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I absolutely love the colors, so beautiful. And yes, definitely worthy of dedication, excellent work. :)
Thanks so much, im happy you enjoy it :)
TALGA Nov 15, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
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